Western Russian Sponsored Resolver for Skype

What can you do with a Skype Resolver?

Skype resolver is a tool designed by hackers in hopes to identify the IP address of any said user on Skype. This tool does exactly that, it allows you to find the IP of any given user on Skype. In some cases Skype resolvers can be used for bad where some people may just reverse their IP to perform a DDOS attack or something called swat calling, where people on live broadcasts get the swat team called on them through false reports by a hacker watching the live broadcast. This may seem like a prank but it is a serious offence and has consequences behind these actions.

But for those select some that have had their money stolen by a online scammer, or messed with a by a spammer, threatened through Skype call using a Skype resolver to find out where they live may not be the best choice but it proves to be. If someone has stolen money from you and you have no way of getting it back then using a Skype resolver to find their IP and then finding their home address to let the police take care of that matter may be very appropriate in the retrieval of your money.

Same goes for being threatened on Skype, threatening is a very serious offence especially when done online this is a different kind of bullying called cyber bullying where one is bullied through online apps like Skype, Facebook messenger or any kinds of cyber communication. Wouldn’t it be nice to find where this person who is threating you is, and be finally dealt with by the law?

Or I bet you can think of an even better time to do a Skype resolver, there are some terrible people out in the world and being equipped with a Skype resolver can benefit you.

Animal Shows Sponsored by WRO

Animal shows may be the most fascinating show to watch when there is seriously nothing else on television! Or maybe even when you want to watch something educational and safe while you are with your children. Not only will this teach them a little bit of wildlife but also will demolish the ignorance they may have towards some of the certain animals that are displayed in the specific TV series.

So in the case you would want to watch animal TV shows with your kids for education purposes, or if you are just bored out of your mind on a Saturday night. We have compiled and condensed a list of the best Animals shows that are out now.

1.Meerkat Manor: televised through Animal planet which is a division of the discovery channel, this show features a group of Meerkats in their natural habitat while doing natural animal things such as preying, hunting, and occasional mating.

2.America’s cutest pet: This show displays many viral videos that feature some of the cutest animals that has commentary from famous comedians and other social figures like Perez Hilton.

3. Planet Earth: Cinematography in this film shot by BBC video is extremely beautiful, almost looks realistic with the kind of HD shots of the wild. Shows many different kinds of ecosystems and environments different animals can survive and thrive in.

4. Dogs 101: Dog breeds are having their traits, qualities, and deficiencies dissected by professionals bringing you’re the ultimate hub of information on Dogs that you may be interested in like a golden retriever, Labrador retriever or random dogs that you would just like to get to know like a Saint Bernard, Bernese mountain dog, or Chow Chow. Overall a great show to watch if you want to learn more about different kinds of dogs.